After attending a National Small Business Association White House Briefing in 2013, Crystal Evans, Money Talks Founder was inspired by the 44th United States President Barack Obama's response to her concerns about poverty in urban communities. Research led her to survey men, women, children, educators, and various professionals. Only to find that each person agreed that personal finance-focused curriculums are inaccessible, not well-publicized, and rarely funded federally by the U.S Department of Education; and is a related cause and effect to the economic disparities across the country.

With the advice of accredited educators, she published Money Talks Edu's " Financial Literacy Guide for Parents and Educators," a comprehensive financial literacy curriculum; and duplicable workshop that have been high demand  throughout Pennsylvania,  New Jersey, and Lagos, Nigeria.

The Money Talks Edu's " Financial Literacy Guide for Parents and Educators," engages children to learn about money, the value of money, the use of money, and the importance of understanding money as an asset to use on their behalf. Thus, strengthening money management skills and financial decision-making capabilities, leadership skills, and other qualities that will be useful in their adolescence years into their adulthood.

This personal finance-focused program is fun, interactive and affordable. Exposure to this program and curriculum will not only transform the mindset of youths in their adolescence years into their adulthood; but it help them gain a deeper understanding of  the relationship between poverty, socioeconomics and career preparation with a  focus on professional development.  Ultimately, giving them tools and resources need to break the cycles of long term government dependency and generational poverty.  

Other topics include: Entrepreneurial-ship and Business Finance with a focus on leadership skills. Saving, Spending, Budgeting and Banking exercising critical thinking skills. Credit Utilization, Debt and Income Ratio, Interest Rates, Taxation and More.